How does technology influence daily life?

5th December 19

2ºESO went on a visit today to the Laboral centre of art and industrial design in Gijón to visit a modern art exhibition and reflect on the influence of technology on their daily life. They participated in a map workshop and analysis of images with the object of strengthening their critical thinking and responsibility when sharing photographs on…

Our artists in 3ºESO

5th December 19

Chuck Close is one of the most important American artists of all time. His work is associated with hyperrealism in which he confers a very personal character by building his well-known portraits from a grid. In 3º ESO we have been talking about photography and its application in painting. We have studied the portrait theme…

Emergency 112!

4th December 19

Our Infants finished their ‘Emergency 112’ project with a workshop on cardiopulmonary resuscitation given by Jesús Santianes (a doctor at HUCA) and parent of one of our infants. He explained the process of resuscitation and used a video by Jacinto and friends on how to react if they find someone unconscious. Everyone at the end sang the CPR…

November 2019 Sports Results

30th November 19

2nd November Football Alevin Llanes 2 – LPG 2 Football Infantil LPG 4 – Ribadesella 4 9th November Basketball Infantil LPG 10 – Loyola (B) 38 Football pre benjamín LPG 8 – Poeta Ángel 3 Football Alevín LPG 2 – Canicas 1 Football Infantil Urraca 0 – LPG 6 16th November Basketball Infantil Art-chivo B…

‘Clowntifics’ and amazing learning!

25th November 19

On Monday, November 25, 3º and 6º PRI visited the Laboral theater in Gijón where they had the opportunity to enjoy “Clowntifics”, a show that, through experimentation and play, teaches about scientific concepts. The students became true researchers, took to the stage and performed exciting experiments, whilst learning scientific content.

Congratulations, Champions!

24th November 19

Congratulations to our 6º Primary pupils, Javier and Alvaro, Champions of Asturias in Pitch and Putt Pairs and Daniel, winner of the final of the interclub Equestrian league in the category 0.30m.

European Week for the Prevention of Waste

22nd November 19

This is European Week for the Prevention of Waste and across the school, from Infants to Secondary, we are involved in various initiatives inside and outside the classroom.  Infants are doing their best to save energy and water and recycle. They are gather points for their good actions to achieve their certificate ‘Carers of Planet…

1ºESO visit the Pre Romanesque monuments in Oviedo

12th November 19

1º ESO went to see the Pre-Romanesque monuments of Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo, learning about medieval architecture as well as discovering, once again, how wonderful the history of Asturias is. Afterwards they visited the Philharmonic Theatre to watch the documentary “The Last Dragons of Oviedo” about the curious salamanders that…

Student Leaders Conference

11th November 19

Three students from 4º ESO, Lucia, Guillermo and Sara were selected to attend the First ISP Student Leaders Conference, held in Laude Fontenebro School in Madrid. This event forms part of the policy of promoting international experiences among the more than 40,000 students from the 42 schools that are part of the International Schools Partnership….

Congratulations Mario, Champion of the Asturias-Cantabria PGA Golf League.

9th November 19

Congratulations to Mario, 2ºESO, Champion of the Asturias-Cantabria PGA 2019 Golf League.  As a consequence of this victory, played on Saturday, November 9 at the Ramón Sota Golf Club – a sensational course designed by Seve Ballesteros -, in Agüero, Cantabria, and his accumulated scores in the nine previous tournaments played throughout the current year, …