Category: Primary

Graduation of our pupils in 5 Years and 6ºPRI

19th June 20

Today we celebrated the graduation of our pupils in 5 Years and 6ºPRI who have reached the end of their stage and are now moving up into Primary and Secondary respectively. It is always an emotional time to look back on the past few years, the activities and the happy memories and look forward to…

Aitana and Clara, from 5th Primary, national champions in the Young Reporters for the Environment Eco-Schools competition

18th June 20

Congratulations to our students Aitana and Clara, from 5th PRI, who have become national champions in the Young Reporters for the Environment Eco-Schools competition, with their project “Marine Pollution”, with which they will go to the international competition.

Learning about different periods of history

11th June 20

In their IPC project, 2nd Primary students have been learning about different periods of history and, among other things, have recreated scenes of life in prehistoric times, such as prehistoric caves, rock art, etc. They have also made their own inventions and have had a lot of fun with this project.

Face the Coronavirus

8th June 20

We greatly appreciate Avelino´s Fernández Terán participation, father of Carlota (1ºA), Physician, Dentist of SESPA and Medical Director of Policlínico Sierosalud, who gave an interesting talk to students from 1º to 3º of Primary, “Face the Coronavirus”, with the aim of informing everyone about the Coronavirus, its origin and the protocols to be observed.

Talk about minerals and rocks.

29th May 20

Yesterday, during our IPC class in 1º Primary, Susana Torno, Civil and Mining Engineering Professor of the University of Oviedo, joined us to talk about minerals and rocks. It was a very dynamic class where the students learned many new things about the uses of rocks and minerals in our daily lives. Susana taught them…

4th Primary students celebrate their 1st Invention Competition.

7th May 20

During the last few weeks, in 4th grade of Primary students have been learning and exploring structures and machines as part of one of the subjects in IPC. To finish the unit, the 1st edition of “Invention Competition” has been held. The students had a few days to plan and develop “new inventions” to surprise…

Book day 2020

23rd April 20

In these complicated times in which we live, where the book is the only friend we can relate to as we always have, the Book Day celebrations are tinged with gratitude towards those pages that are filling up so many empty moments. 1st ESO students have participated in a reading of stories by authors from…

Voices around the world

14th April 20

Voices around the world is a global music project that involves young people from all over the world in making an international song/video release each year. All proceeds from song and video sales go to help children in need in Njombe, Tanzania. Last year’s song, “What kind of world are we trying to make?”, featured…

Learning Online.

31st March 20

Since Friday 13th March, and due to schools closing for the state of alert in Spain, our students have continued their learning process online. To this end, the school has implemented a contingency plan in which all the resources, both human and technological (we are a certified Google Reference School), are available to all students…

IPC project “What’s on the menu?”

31st March 20

In their IPC project “What’s on the menu?”, 3rd Primary students have enjoyed making “Chocolate Chip Cookies”, while learning about the ingredients, the measurements, and how to prepare the dough, to finally bake them in the school kitchen. But the best part was to take home the cookies they made themselves.