Category: Art


14th May 20

The Thyssen Museum has launched the 4th call for its competition for young  artist called “Versiona Thyssen”, which consists of reinterpreting 6 proposed works from the museum´s collection. Our 4th of E.S.O. and 1st Bachelor have participated with the following pieces:  


5th May 20

During this quarantine, in arts, we had to be creative with what we had at home, but that did not limit our creativity. After the new fashion trend encouraged by several art museums to recreate works of art with what we had at home, at the Palacio de Granda we decided to do the same….


26th April 20

In 3rd course of ESO, during quarantine, we’ve been working through the levels of iconicity when representing a work of art. We have selected an object of reality and interpret it in three different ways: realistic (true to reality), figurative (based on reality but not copying it), and abstract (no resemblance to reality).