Healthy breakfasts.

30th March 20

To continue with last year’s initiative on how to help our pupils lead a healthy lifestyle, AUSOLAN wanted to convey the important role played by breakfast to children in the first and second years of Primary school. It has been proven to be important in improving nutritional status and to play an important role in academic performance.

To this end, its Nutritionist Alejandra Díaz (Diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics), during her talk, told the students that a balanced breakfast should be varied and should consist of at least 4 different food groups (dairy, cereals, fruit and others such as oil, meat, eggs, honey…). The children tasted them and enjoyed learning how important is to have this meal every morning.

The transformations produced in society, the new lifestyles and, in short, the lack of time, have given rise to a progressively greater tendency to make lighter and lighter breakfasts and even to omit them.

There are data that corroborate that among the child population, obese people skip breakfast more often and have a more unfavourable distribution of energy throughout the day than non-obese people, i.e. they tend to eat less at breakfast and more for dinner.