Month: March 2020

Learning Online.

31st March 20

Since Friday 13th March, and due to schools closing for the state of alert in Spain, our students have continued their learning process online. To this end, the school has implemented a contingency plan in which all the resources, both human and technological (we are a certified Google Reference School), are available to all students…

IPC project “What’s on the menu?”

31st March 20

In their IPC project “What’s on the menu?”, 3rd Primary students have enjoyed making “Chocolate Chip Cookies”, while learning about the ingredients, the measurements, and how to prepare the dough, to finally bake them in the school kitchen. But the best part was to take home the cookies they made themselves.

“JOBS” Project.

31st March 20

As part of their “JOBS” project, during this month, our 4 year old students discovered different professions first hand, learning by doing role-playing games, where they became Scientists, Police Officers, …. It has been a very fun and interesting experience!

1st and 2nd Primary students visit to Lidl.

30th March 20

This month our 1st and 2nd Primary students visited Lidl Supermarket, thanks to Ignacio Rodriguez, father of Nayara (4 years old). It was an incredible experience for all of them to learn about healthy food and social responsibility. They had the opportunity to visit the bakery, the cold storage rooms behind the scenes and see…

Healthy breakfasts.

30th March 20

To continue with last year’s initiative on how to help our pupils lead a healthy lifestyle, AUSOLAN wanted to convey the important role played by breakfast to children in the first and second years of Primary school. It has been proven to be important in improving nutritional status and to play an important role in…

Palacio de Granda, ranked by El Español as one of the 50 most outstanding schools in Spain, in 2020.

30th March 20

Our school Ranked by El Español as one of the 50 outstanding schools in Spain in 2020. We are proud to share this news with you and we would like to thank the entire educational community (families, teachers, students…) for believing in us and for helping us to continue making our school the reference school…

Sport Results March 2020.

30th March 20

7th March Football Infantil Palacio de Granda 0 Lenense 1 Football Alevín Canicas 1 Palacio de Granda 2 Football Benjamín Palacio de Granda 8 El Parque 0 Basketball Infantil OCB 42 Palacio de Granda 2 Basketball Alevín Ecole 58 Palacio de Granda 18 Judo competition: Tomás R., octavos de final. Inés R., cuartos de final….

Regional Chemistry Olympics.

7th March 20

On March 7th, our Bachiller students Marcos A., Juan A., Silo C., Paloma C., Daniel D., Sofía G., and Elena V., participated in the Regional Chemistry Olympics, held at the Faculty of Chemistry in Oviedo, representing the school.