Love for nature.

14th February 20

Our school has been selected along with 7 other schools in Spain, to participate today, February 14th, in a “Global Action Day” for the Community (this activity belongs to the campaigns “Litter Less Campaign” and “Young Reporters for the Environment”). Global Action Days is a project of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), whose mission is to raise awareness of the positive steps being taken around the world to create a more sustainable society. Working with members from 77 countries, and reaching thousands of businesses and organizations worldwide, as well as millions of students.

Our team of ECOnverters, (100 Primary and 1º ESO students), together with their teachers, plus many parents and family members who have also joined the cause, set off from the school to the River Nora path and the Colloto social centre, where, divided into groups, they collected organic and inorganic waste and paper/cardboard, both from the areas along the River Nora path and from the Colloto park and some of its streets. To finally return to school and proceed to its weighing and measuring, thus raising awareness of the importance of caring for the environment. 100kg of waste have been collected!

We would like to thank Ángel García, Mayor of Siero, and Aida Nuño, Councillor for Economic Promotion, for joining us during the day, as well as the Oviedo Police and the Town Councils of Siero and Oviedo, for their collaboration and support throughout the activity.