Competitions and our artists!

31st December 19

This term the art students in Primary and Secondary have participated in a number of competitions:

1º, 2º and 3º PRI, once again participated in the drawing competition of ‘L’Angleru, an Asturian Christmas character. All the pupils enjoyed drawing and singing the associated carol.

5º PRI to 2ºESO participated in the competition related to ‘Our heritage and art’ with emphasis on pre-romanic history in Asturias. The entrants had to invent a story in vignettes.

Primary pupils also participated in a competition for the author Aurora Garcia Villarroel with a ‘sea theme’. Their prize was the publication of the winning entries for illustrating the most recent book written by the author.

Our 1ºPRI pupils have shown their Amazing Learning by writing, with effort and lots of love, their first Christmas letter. They decorated it and have sent it to one of their friends.