LQDVI ‘What really matters’ conference

8th November 19

Once again we have collaborated with the ‘Lo Que De Verdad Importa’ (what really matters) foundation by participating in their youth congress in Oviedo. The foundation promotes the fundamental importance of human, ethical and moral values through its cultural activities. Some of our students in 1º BAC have volunteered their time to help on the day with receiving and seating all the visitors, helping the disabled, guiding the speakers and doing general tasks during the day at the Calatrava centre. Everyone was very willing to collaborate and the foundation thanked them for their enthusiasm and desire to be helpful, values that we have always instilled at school. All our pupils in 3º ESO to 1º BAC and their teachers attended the conference along with many local schools and enjoyed the talks given by de Lucía Lantero, Álex Corretja and Toñejo Rodríguez. They talked about their experiences and their way of dealing with the challenges that they have faced in their lives, their optimism, courage and desire to build a better society. It has been a memorable experience and we are grateful that, for the third year running, the foundation has collaborated with us and we are proud to participate in this amazing project. More details can be found on our newsflash for this week.