European Week for the Prevention of Waste

22nd November 19

This is European Week for the Prevention of Waste and across the school, from Infants to Secondary, we are involved in various initiatives inside and outside the classroom. 

Infants are doing their best to save energy and water and recycle. They are gather points for their good actions to achieve their certificate ‘Carers of Planet Earth’ and in this way they are learning and how daily actions can have a big impact of looking after our planet. 

Almost 80% of the Primary pupils and 5 year olds have signed up to be ECOnverters to organize the calculation of waste and help with recycling and eco activities. We are taking part in the Litter Less Campaign, a global initiative, 2º and 3º Primary are involved in the Great Plant Hunt, 3º-6º Primary are completing their participation in an Energy Saving competition. Year 4 have started their IPC project “Climate Control”, investigating and identifying how energy is used in their lives, both at school and at home, and what they can do to reduce the amount of energy consumption. They will use this information to help their classmates and families be more aware of how much energy we use and make recommendations to help stop wasting resources.

We are twinned with a school in the Czech republic with whom we will be sharing information about our ECO activities and progress. A group of pupils are Young Reporters for the Environment and outside, in our garden zone, we are growing vegetables, creating a pond, adding fencing, new plants, information panels (on plants and wildlife in the area) and a compost heap. We have joined an initiative working with the Association for the Protection of Butterflies and their environment and the Iberica Society for the Study and Conservation of Ecosystems in creating an ‘oasis’ for butterflies in our school. 

With all our activities we hope to achieve our aim of ECO School status and we continue with our commitment to maintain our 3R status awarded by Cogersa. 

All our activities can be seen on our instagram page: ecopalaciogranda@instagram. Please follow us!

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