Princess of Asturias Awards

18th October 19

October is marked by the activities and events involving the winners of the Princess of Asturias Awards where individual pupils have been invited to participate, present their best works and meet the award winners.

A group went to meet Lindsey Vonn, Sports Award, to learn about the importance of being a person with strong values (effort, respect, consistency) when involved in individual and team sports.

3 pupils represented 3ºESO and 1º BAC in a talk with Siri Husvelt, Literature award, about her inspiration for her writing and they handed her written contributions from our pupils about the books that have developed their passion for literature and reading. With Alejandro Portes, Social Science award, our pupils had completed work centred on the situation and sentiments generated by integration in a country with a culture and language different to your own.

Another group went to the Fábrica de Armas for the conference ‘Plants to the rescue’ where they met Joanne Chory, winner of the Science and Technology award and were selected to explain their 4ºESO project to her.

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