Month: October 2019

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30th October 19

Follow us on our ECO Instagram page. Here you will be able to see our photos and how we are progressing in our works and improvements in our school garden and leisure area and our contribution to campaigns. We are also participating in the international campaigns: ‘Litter Less’ and ‘Young Reporters for the Environment’.  

Even our scarecrow has a costume for Halloween!

30th October 19

We celebrated Amagüestu and Halloween with Infants and Primary students. Starting with a pumpkin workshop with Infants where they scooped out the insides, painted eyes and mouths and then the teachers added the candles. Primary children showed off their ‘frightening’ costumes and then took part in a carousel of traditional Asturian Games: the frog game,…

Discovering the links to the Americas in Asturias

25th October 19

3ºESO students visited the Museum of Emigration in Colombres. This visit was part of the project they carried out in Geography classes on the phenomenon of migratory movements. In addition to admiring the Quinta de Guadalupe that represents the characteristics of Indian architecture, the students enjoyed a very extensive exhibition about Asturian emigration to America….

It’s never too young to learn about the 3Rs

22nd October 19

Pupils in 4 and 5 years have learnt the importance of the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, during their trip to Cogersa. They were able to see how many materials can be put to new use without being able to imagine what they were like beforehand. They also took part in a workshop ‘Awareness…

5º Primary explore the Arnao Mines

22nd October 19

5º Primary went to the Arnao mines where they put themselves in the shoes of miners, entering a 20m deep mine and moving through galleries using candlelight, taking notice of the tools and utensils that would have been used in the mine. They saw a video about the work of children in mines and learnt…

Menu tasting session

21st October 19

A group of pupils in Primary became ‘tasters’. They tried a variety of fish and sauces and made recommendations to the chef about their preferences for her to include in future school lunches. Their favourite fish was fillet of bacalada.

Princess of Asturias Awards

18th October 19

October is marked by the activities and events involving the winners of the Princess of Asturias Awards where individual pupils have been invited to participate, present their best works and meet the award winners. A group went to meet Lindsey Vonn, Sports Award, to learn about the importance of being a person with strong values…

Karting success for brothers Nacho and Ramon.

14th October 19

Congratulations to Nacho, 1ºESO who has become the Junior Karting champion of Asturias in Campeón de Asturias and his brother Roman, 4ºESO who was runner up in the Senior Karting Championship.  

Congratulations and Félicitations

11th October 19

Students from Primary, Secondary and Bachillerato took part last year in the official language exams to recognize their knowledge of English and French… and today they were awarded their certificates to officially congratulate them on their achievements. Congratulations and Félicitations to all of them.

A delegation of military personnel visit Palacio de Granda

10th October 19

On Thursday 10, our students participated in a ceremony, raising the flag of Spain, that the Delegation of Defence of the Principality of Asturias delivered to the school. The Armed Forces that visited us explained the meaning of this act, coinciding with the National Fiesta and Hispanic Day, on the 12th October. This flag will…