Month: June 2019

Casas presentation of trophies 2019.

26th June 19

This week was the final house competition of the year, mini Olympic games that took place in the school’s sports centre. Secondary students participated in sprinting, high jump, triple jump and relay. Whilst Primary students participated in sprinting, long jump and throwing. The competition was fierce but all students demonstrated a positive sporting attitude. All…

6th Primary students field trip to Madrid, 2019.

26th June 19

Our 6th grade Primary students left on Tuesday to Madrid to enjoy their long-awaited “Viaje de estudios”. They have enjoyed passing the time together and visiting key places in Madrid, such as the “plaza de España”, the Prado Museum and Debod temple, as well as an enjoyable time at the Warner Park and the Zoo….

2º ESO field trip to Madrid.

26th June 19

2º ESO enjoyed their trip to Madrid where they spent time at the Warner amusement park, visited the center of Madrid on a panoramic tour of the city, enjoyed the most prestigious works of art at the Prado Museum, visited the Escorial monastery and reflected about caring for the environment on their visit to the…

Granja Escuela

26th June 19

Last week, our primary students had an opportunity to visit the Granja Escuela in Castropol, where they have engaged in a number of activities related to the outdoors in a rural and natural environment, including learning about the care of animals and plants in the allotment. Their activities included: horseback riding, a walk around the…

III Sports Gala.

24th June 19

Last Friday, we celebrated our III Sports Gala. This event is not only to celebrate the sporting success of our teams, but to recognize the effort of all the participants of our activities, which year after year continue to grow. In 2008/09 we started the extracurricular activities with 64 students and today we have 194…

Spelling Bee.

24th June 19

This term all Primary pupils have been practising their english spelling to take part in the Spelling Bee. Fiercely competitive, the pupils have been learning a number of complex words and competing in their classes to reach the finals. Congratulations to the following winners: Violeta (2ºA), Rebeca (4ºA), Asanali (6ºC).

EBAU 2019.

24th June 19

We are very proud of our 2º BAC students, who have passed their EBAU exams with excellent results. 100% of the students sitting the exams last week have been successful with a record number of high grades. In the ‘fase general’, the obligatory exams that all students have to take, many of our students achieved…

The Jungle Book.

10th June 19

  Last Friday, Primary school students and their parents were invited to the play “The Jungle Book”, performed by 6th of PRI. After lots of practice, rehearsals and choreographies, everyone worked very hard to surprise us with a show full of music and color.

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

5th June 19

  On Friday, May 31st, 4º Primary (A) performed “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs” to students and families. They made a fantastic effort over several months to learn their scripts, and they worked together really well to put on a great show.

Sport results, June 2019.

5th June 19

  Saturday, June 1st, 2019. Fútbol Alevín LPG (B) 3 – Lealtad Villaviciosa 5 Fútbol Alevín Lenense 4 – LPG 2   XXII Torneo Ciudad de Oviedo: -Jimena R.: Infantil Escolar, 4º Clasificada. -Clara A.: Infantil Escolar, 6º Clasificada.   Saturday, June 8th, 2019. FINAL DE LOS JUEGOS ESCOLARES DEL PRINCIPADO DE ASTURIAS: -Conjunto Alevín:…