Buddy Exchange Programme.

31st May 19


On Sunday, the 12th of May, 10 students from our ISP schools (ITJ Santa Monica, ITJ Zona Esmeralda and ITJ Valle Real) in Mexico, arrived to take part in the Buddy Exchange Programme, here at Palacio de Granda. They were here for 3 weeks and participated in classes and went on excursions to get to know Asturias.

Yosef “The first days at school were quite entertaining and fabulous, I met many people, the facilities are great and spacious”.

On their first excursion, to the Bear Trail: “Today we went on a bicycle trip and kayaked in the lake, we got tired but had fun too, and after lunch we continued cycling.” Diego Gallegos.

On Saturday, May 18, they went to do speleology in Cueva Huerta, in Teverga: “The experience inside the cave Cueva huerta was very nice and enriching; what they explained to us, the techniques and movements that they showed us were essential to enter places smaller than us. Many of us were afraid to enter, or even doubted our capacity, but what we learned and took away from this experience lasts a lifetime”. Ignacio Milman.

They also visited Oviedo: “We started our visit at the Real de Oviedo Stadium. I thought it was beautiful and the Museum that was inside was very complete. Then we walked through the streets of the city, and took the opportunity to take hundreds of photos, because I thought it was a beautiful place. I had a great time and I hope to visit again soon.” Cristina Ahuja.

Without a doubt, it has been a learning experience that they have enjoyed very much.