Adolfo Santos Folch Talk: “What to study? Key axes to succeed”.

11th March 19


Last Thursday, Adolfo Santos Folch, Social Graduate from the Masaveu Corporation, “came to move us inside”, and so he told us literally, to stir the consciences of our students from 1st and 2nd year of Bachiller, to help them with their professional choices.

During his talk, “What to study? Key axes to succeed”, he conveyed a simple message: “4 axes must be conjugated so that we have a fulfilling working life: that we are good at what we study;  we must be passionate about it; it should have a promising future; and it must involve helping others. ” Based on personal experiences, as well as examples of tennis players that he admires, he reminded us of the importance of key values ​​such as perseverance, passion or having a strong will. He stressed that, if we do not lose them, we can achieve our personal and professional goals, a message that was endorsed by a member of public, with a phrase that he especially liked: “the effort creates talent”.

He came to move us inside and he succeeded, constantly involving the students to facilitate reflection, with questions such as: which of the 4 ingredients of this work cake of happiness, brings together the choice of studies you intend to take? Where and doing What, do you see yourself in 10 years? We believe that the goal of making us thinking about that simple, clear and useful message has been achieved. Thanks, Adolfo!