6th of Primary IPC project, “Fit for Life”.

18th February 19


During their IPC project “Fit for Life”, our students from 6th of Primary will learn about “The most valuable thing they will ever own”, their body. They will investigate body image in society and through art, what are the recommended levels of physical activity for different age groups, which, combined with a balanced diet, can keep them fit for their whole lifetime, as well as learning about natural healing around the world.  The way our bodies work and how we should look after them truly is amazing. They will be “Fit for Life”!!

As part of this project, the children of year 6 enjoyed an excellent presentation by Avelino Fernández Terán, on Tuesday 12th, February. As a specialist dentist he talked to them about what happens in cases of dental trauma and showed them a wide array of photographic examples of problems and solutions. They also learned what to do in an emergency. He assured them that whatever dental damage happens there is a solution to leave everyone with a beautiful smile.