Year: 2019

Competitions and our artists!

31st December 19

This term the art students in Primary and Secondary have participated in a number of competitions: 1º, 2º and 3º PRI, once again participated in the drawing competition of ‘L’Angleru, an Asturian Christmas character. All the pupils enjoyed drawing and singing the associated carol. 5º PRI to 2ºESO participated in the competition related to ‘Our…

And the winners are……

20th December 19

One  highlight at the end of term was the football match ‘Pupils vs Staff’, won by our staff this Year. Congratulations too, to the Blue House for winning the Sports cup, the Yellow House the Reading Cup and the Green House the Term’s House Cup.

House Christmas Spectacle

19th December 19

Our House Captains, staff and pupils have been rehearsing their Christmas song and deciding on their costumes and props. It has been a truly collaborative and team effort with the older pupils helping the younger ones and it was a great visual experience to see the final show with pupils and staff joining in with…

Dear Santa….

17th December 19

All our Infant pupils, with a little help from some older actors and a lot of helpers on the day, performed ‘Dear Santa’, a spectacle of videos, songs and dances, amazing costumes and scenery. It was wonderful to see lots of smiling faces and the children singing with great pleasure. 

Carol singing in the community

17th December 19

Our last week of the term has been full of activities for the school and local community. A group of 42 pupils in 3º and 4ºESO went to a local Old People’s Home and, accompanied by their teachers, Israel and Sara, they entertained the residents with a Christmas carol recital.

Alba, 1ºESO selected for the National Dressage Sports training programme

16th December 19

Congratulations to Alba who has been selected for inclusion in the National Plan for Dressage Sports 2020 programme of the Royal Spanish equestrian federation for the comprehensive training of the best riders towards high sports performance in competitions in this discipline. Her selection has been based on her excellent competition results in 2019.

A smile for Christmas!

16th December 19

Thank you to all the families who donated goods and money for Operation Kilo and for Red Madre. Most of all, thank you for your generous donations of gifts for children in need for our ‘Una sonrisa por Navidad’ campaign.

Sports results December 2019

16th December 19

Cross Country Infiesto 2019 Classification  Benjamin Female:  Ari Thompson (14º classified for camp Asturias) Benjamin Male:  Hugo Rueda (2º classified for camp Asturias) Alevín Female:  Aitana Fdez-Teruelo (9º  classified for camp Asturias) y Daniela García (14º classified for camp Asturias) Alevín Male:  Pablo Castañón (2º  classified for camp Asturias) y Mario Cuartas (8º classified for…

The “Hour of Code”

13th December 19

This week pupils from Primary, ESO and Bachillerato have been participating in activities linked to the international ‘Hour of Code’ to complement the work that they cover in computer science and technology classes. Programming, problem solving, computational thinking, artificial intelligence and game design have all been included.

Christmas Tea “at home”

12th December 19

Our boarders invited the staff to a Christmas tea. We visited them ‘at home’ and they showed us the decorations they have put up to give the boarding house a festive feel.