School tree planting in collaboration with EDP Foundation and Fapas.

15th November 18


For our students to learn the great value of Nature, love it, care for it and respect it, it is necessary that they get in contact with it, feel it, experience it, enjoy it. One of our goals at Palacio de Granda is to awaken social conscience in our children, respect and care of the environment. To give Nature back something of all that it gives us. And we instill that in our students at very early ages, in all the activities we plan for them. Ideas such as: trees clean the air, they fight climate change, preserve energy, provide food, etc. are developed through curricular and outdoor activities. For this reason, this week we have carried out the planting of 100 trees in collaboration with EDP Foundation and Fapas. This is the beginning of a very motivating project in which we are all involved and that will go on for a long time.