“Lo que de verdad importa” 2018.

20th November 18


Last Thursday, November 15th we had once again the opportunity to participate in the congress organized by “Lo que de verdad importa” Foundation. In addition to attending as audience, part of our students worked as volunteers in the organization of the event, performing tasks such as reception of guests and attendees, delivery of credentials, gift shop, assistant on stage and attention at the information desk. This experience has helped them to learn how to handle different situations and to solve the problems that arise and, without a doubt, it was very enriching for all of them.

Our principal, Anne Stevens, picked up at the beginning of the ceremony a plaque in which the work of the Palacio de Granda School is recognized as a collaborating center. This year’s talks were given by Lary León, Fon de Luján, Pedro García Aguado and Ramón Melendi. They all told stories of improvement and effort from an optimistic and stimulating point of view, inspiring everyone to face the setbacks of life and get the best out of each situation.