6th November 18

1º of ESO students faced an unexpected challenge on October 30th. When they entered the classroom they found a mysterious video that told them a story about a Halloween party held in the library several years earlier, in which a spirit that slept in a book had been awakened by the commotion. Now each Halloween Eve it comes back to a classroom and his students had to find him and expel him from the class. For that reason it was necessary to get together in Casas and look for all the keys that unraveled the mystery.

They started with a crossword puzzle that gave them the key to open the first padlock. All the tests were based on content seen in the subject of Spanish Language, stylistic resources, spelling, definitions, syllables and each box that opened led to a new mystery to solve.

There was a great competition during the whole activity and the students were very involved, doing a great team work. Some of them already had experience in Escape rooms and helped them to overcome the different challenges. In the end it was the members of the Yellow House who managed to discover where the spirit was, they locked it in a box and they could expel it forever and save the school.