Month: November 2018

Jesús Santianes talk about Medicine evolution.

30th November 18

  Pupils in 2nd Bachiller are continuing to attend talks about possible future careers. Thank you to Jesús Santianes Patiño (father of Alejandro, in Infants) who gave an interesting and informative talk about the ‘History of medicine, from shamanism to modern medicine’ and also shared, with 1st and 2nd Bachiller, his experience as a medical…

First Open Asturian Waterpolo competition.

30th November 18

  Congratulations to Guillermo Taranilla in 2nd ESO, who, along with his cadete team from the Oviedo Swimming Club, was placed 3rd in the First Open Asturian Waterpolo competition, held in the swimming pools of the Parque del Oeste in Oviedo, last Saturday, November 24th .

University of Navarra talk.

23rd November 18

  Pupils in 1º and 2º Bachiller are focusing on their future studies and last Wednesday, they attended a talk: “I have to make a decision. What to study?”, given by members of the Department of Medicine at the University of Navarra. It was full of information about wide variety of avenues open to those…

“Lo que de verdad importa” 2018.

20th November 18

  Last Thursday, November 15th we had once again the opportunity to participate in the congress organized by “Lo que de verdad importa” Foundation. In addition to attending as audience, part of our students worked as volunteers in the organization of the event, performing tasks such as reception of guests and attendees, delivery of credentials,…


19th November 18

  Last Friday afternoon we celebrated the #Amagüestu with Infants and Primary students. A 6th grade Primary student was in charge of the party opening in the morning, in the afternoon they enjoyed a lot of games and competitions, and trophies for the winning teams. The intense and fun day ended with a special afternoon…

Different biomes in the world.

15th November 18

  On Wednesday, IPC students from 6º-B Primary, created a documentary about the different biomes in the world. They chose a habitat, researched the climate and weather patterns, the physical features of each region (if there are volcanoes, mountains, rivers etc.) and how animals and plants have adapted. The students chose to use the school…

School tree planting in collaboration with EDP Foundation and Fapas.

15th November 18

  For our students to learn the great value of Nature, love it, care for it and respect it, it is necessary that they get in contact with it, feel it, experience it, enjoy it. One of our goals at Palacio de Granda is to awaken social conscience in our children, respect and care of…

Ignacio Álvarez, a promise for speed.

13th November 18

Our student Ignacio Álvarez, from 1st  of primary, has been proclaimed champion of Asturias of Supermotard in 65 c.c. A modality celebrated in Karting circuits with Cross bikes, adapted to the speed. Congratulations Ignacio!


12th November 18

One of our objectives for this school year is to enhance the opportunity that belonging to an international group with 32 schools around the world, means to our students. In this sense, we are pleased to share with you The ISP Buddy Exchange Program. This exchange program will allow our students in 3rd  and 4th…

Usborne Books Fair.

7th November 18

On November 13th and 14th, the book fair organized by the English publisher Usborne Books will take place in the school library from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Children love Usborne books because they are full of colors and are very attractive to look at and to understand. There are more than 2,500 titles and…