Welcome back to school!

10th September 18

What a mixture of emotions there are for everyone involved when a new School term begins.  Happiness – for being back with friends and colleagues who they may not have seen for several weeks.  Relief –  for busy working parents who do not to have to worry now about summer holiday clubs and child care whilst juggling the family activities with work commitments.  Nervousness – for those about to join a new school. Pride – for those who have achieved great results in recent examinations, and for those who have made that possible. 

Once more, we are very proud of our students excellent results on the EBAU exams in june to access the University of their choice.

In all our Laude Schools across Spain, the welcoming back that our pupils will receive will certainly be as warm the recent weather!  In many of our schools there will be great excitement as we introduce new teachers and some will have fantastic new facilities and developments of the school buildings to explore and enjoy.

We look forward to your children being part of this exciting new chapter as a new school year begins; to helping them to grow, to get better at what they do and to have a real sense of achievement through good struggle which will enable them to reach their goals and true potential.

Welcome back to Palacio de Granda!