Book Day 2018

30th April 18

The celebration of Book Day and the promotion of literature and a love of literature in all year groups with activities throughout the week was one of the highlights of April. This year has been dedicated to the great Forges, about whom students have learned a little more thoroughly with the completion of work and analysis of his cartoons. 

There have been various theatre performances too. The theatre club of 4ºPrimary performed Cinderella for the rest of Primary and the 4ºESO group performed ‘The tobacconist of Vallecas’ for the secondary students. It was a great delight to see such accomplished players (from Primary and secondary) in their delivery of their lines in Spanish, their use of the stage and their great performance for the audience. Pupils in Bachillerato acted out two stories for the Infants: the sheep who came to dinner and la ratita presumida.

Our Primary pupils demonstrated their knowledge of literature to their peers. They presented their a great variety of activities in English and Spanish: poetry recitals, riddles, story reading, and even a master class on the Golden Age.

You can see here a video summary of all the activities.