Inauguration of the renovated Sports Hall

11th January 18

Palacio de Granda inaugura el polideportivo recién renovado

Our house event was part of the programme to inaugurate the newly renovated Sports Hall. Our houses rehearsed a Christmas song and decided on costumes and props. It was a truly collaborative and team effort with the older pupils helping the younger ones and it was a great visual experience to see the final show with everyone performing along with the staff in the houses. To start with we were treated to a virtuoso performance by Marcelo in 4ºPRI who amazed everyone with his talented playing and showmanship.

 We are sure that you will enjoy the videos, if you were not able to come on the day.  Our Rhythmic Gym girls performed a lovely routine and Infants sang a song together. At this event the pupils and the parents were able to see the new house logos for the first time.