Working on IPC Projects

5th February 17

Infants learn about toys

February is a busy month for primary! All the children from year 1 to year 6 have started, or will be starting, their new IPC (International Primary Curriculum) projects. Even Infants are joining in with the 5 year olds learning about Toys – toys from the past, the best squashy, bendy materials for toys, how to move their bodies like a toy and popular games.

In year 1 the children will be having fun learning about water on our planet, watery habitats, how water changes its state and why it is important for our health. In International they will be looking at areas in the world that don´t have access to clean water.

Infants learn about toys


In years 2, 3 and 4 all the children will be doing different projects discovering health and the human body. How are our bodies affected by what we eat, how much exercise we get, what happens when we are ill, how our senses help us and what we can do to keep us fit and  healthy. In International we will learn about other countries where people don´t have the same facilities that we do, how their health is affected and how charities are helping.

Year 5 are looking to the world for their project. In “Going Global” they will find out where our clothes and food come from, imports and exports and what effect these can have on countries and cultures. Are our needs and wants different now from the past? How some people suffer from a global market and how Fair Trade can help poorer people.

And last but not least, in year 6 the children will learn all about materials – using chemistry, conductors and insulators around our homes. Which materials were used in the past and how countries work together to make new materials. Watch this space for our inventors of the future.