Welcome to our library

4th December 16

Palacio de Granda students in the new library

On the 28th and 29th November the library in Palacio de Granda finally opened with the happy chaos and bustling activity of an Usborne book fair! Usborne produce beautiful, high quality non-fiction and fiction books in English for children and young people. All the children in the school came to see and many parents also came to see and buy. We served refreshments and invited people to come and relax and take their time to see the library as well as the books for sale. We have added a range of Usborne books to our library resources too.

Usborne Book Fair at Colegio Palacio de Granda

The library will be used regularly by every class in the school as we encourage reading in both Castellano and English. We have over 5000 books to lend out and will be encouraging reading through regular quizzes, book reviews and earning points for their school house as well as for individual rewards. The library itself has various zones including a cosy corner with sofas, rugs and cushions and a study area with computers and a printer to support students doing their work as well as printing out TOPS reports from the Accelerated Reader quizzes.

We are so excited about encouraging reading and through that improving literacy and understanding. As all research shows that children who read are the most successful in school and in life, we are keen to get all the children in the school reading.