Time and Place, Earth and Space

26th October 16

The Entry Point is an activity or event to immerse the children into the theme. Its objective is to get every child excited and engaged about doing the activities, and unconsciously realize and absorb the conceptual elements of the topic.

Our students in primary year 3 and 4 worked to fill in the ‘50 Time Challenge’ bulletin board.

They had to bring pictures or drawings related to the word “Time” to stick them onto the fifty-square board.

The images could be as extravagant or absurd as they wanted, as long as they could explain the relationship. The time-limit was a week.

Our year 3 students achieved the Challenged quite easily, since they gathered more than 75 images during the week. They needed another bulletin board. This is their work.


Our year 4 students almost did it. They had only brought 45 images during that week, but they reached the goal two days later. Here is their board.