Voices around the world 2016

20th September 16

Colegio Palacio de Granda Voices Around the World

At the beginning of 2016 a small team of enthusiastic people at Laude Palacio de Granda, Asturias, Spain, sat together planning the final term´s activities celebrating the Rio Olympics. Our aims were to raise awareness from infants to sixth form of the flora, fauna and peoples of Brazil; highlight the dedication and perseverance needed by the athletes involved in the games; foster a greater spirit of team work and cooperation, and bring together the whole school participating in music and sport.

Colegio Palacio de Granda Voices Around the Wolrd

Via the links in the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) Olympic projects we became part of a wonderful project called “Voices Around the World”, whose singing project for 2016 coincided with the Olympics. Their aim was to join more than 7000 global voices singing one song “Lighting Up The Flame” and fundraise for a school in Namibia. For weeks as you walked all around our school the song could be heard ringing out from classrooms, and even sung spontaneously in corridors and at playtimes. We sang it for parents in our Olympic House Sports Week opening ceremony and for the presentation of medals (by an Olympian!).

Palacio de Granda Voices Around the World

Groups of children were recorded and videoed and their voices are now part of the final production, the largest ever international recording project! Needless to say we are already registered for the 2017 project and eagerly awaiting details.

Here you can see a video of the recording.

You can download the final version on this link: Voices Around the World 2016