Do you look after the environment?

23rd May 16

Colegio Palacio de Granda, medio ambiente

After working on the topic of environment protection with 2º of Primary students, we decided to decorate one of the corkboards in the corridor with an interactive display to share some of the things we have learnt with the other students in the school.

The corkboard is divided in four parts. Each part is a room in the house and each room has two questions that students must answer.

They are YES/NO questions. Each answer appears in a small paper window and when you open it you see the explanation or comment.

The right answer is written in green and it always has an exclamation sign of approval and a comment. The wrong answer is written in red and it explains briefly why that is not the best option.

Colegio Palacio de Granda medio ambiente.

Then we wil recycle the display to make a maxi book with it. Each page will be one of the cardboards where we painted the rooms and glued the questions. We will recycle strings or ribbons to join the pages through some holes and we will creat a front page with the title of the display and the creative names of the rooms.

Here you can see the questions and the answers in each room.

 Colegio Palacio de Granda medio ambiente.



Do you leave the tap running while washing your teeth?


Yes: Remember to save water. From 10 to 14 liters run per minute.


No: Great! You’re saving water.


Do you usually have a shower?


Yes: Very good! It is important to save water.


No: Having a bath you use more water than having a shower. A 5 minute shower doesn’t use more than 100 liters of water but a bath uses more than 150.

Colegio Palacio de Granda medio ambiente


Living room:


Do you turn off the light when you go out of a room?


Yes: Great! Remember to use energy saving bulbs.


No: Get used to turn off lights not to wate energy unnecessarily.


Do you live your TV in standby when you are not watching it?


Yes: Electronic devices still consume energy in standby.


No: Remember to turn off completely electronic devices because they still consume energy in stanby.




Do you turn off the computer screen when you are not using it?


Yes: Great! You save energy and your computer will last for longer.


No: You must turn it off to save energy.


Do you use both sides of the paper?


Yes: Well done! Don’t waste paper and you’ll save trees.


No: Don’t waste paper. The felling of trees is a problem for the environment.

 Colegio Palacio de Granda medio ambiente.



Do you buy fruit and vegetables in the local market?


Yes: Very good!. That food is healthy and it hasn’t travelled a lot to get to your home.


No: If food has travelled a lot to get to your home a lot energy will have been consumed.


Do you recycle paper, plastic and glass?


Yes: Great! Recycling is fundamental to keep the environment.


No: Recycling avoids storing polluting materials, reduces the consumption of raw materials and it saves a lot of energy.