IPC Project: Young entrepreneurs

12th February 16

The students in Year 4 have been working in a new IPC project for the last 3 weeks: Young Entrepreneurs – Money and Trade.


We started our project with an experiment where our students communication and trading skills were put to the test: four students had to sell the contents of a mystery box to their classmates by simply talking about the quality of the product that was inside the box and making it appealing to the others. The sellers themselves didn’t even know what was inside the box. They were so good at their job that they even got the ‘buyers’ to pay as much as €90 for one of the boxes. The big surprise came when the boxes were opened only to find out that they were empty!


Proyecto IPC 4º de Primaria Colegio Palacio de Granda



The experiment proved that good sales and marketing skills are a recipe for success when it comes to running a business.


Mariana, a student in 4ºB, prepared and delivered a very interesting presentation on Marketing. She was able to explain in simple words terms such as ‘supply’ and ‘demand’ as well as give everyone useful advice as to the best way to start your own business.



The students were also invited to bring in different currencies from around the world and we all enjoyed looking at the different coins and banknotes from other countries.


Colegio Palacio de Granda IPC proyecto



We went on a shopping trip around the world visiting different countries, tracing the route on the map, looking at the currencies used in those countries and, of course, buying products which are typical from each place: when we put in common the contents of our shopping bags we found Italian pizza, Chilean liquor, Mexican hats and even Chinese lucky charms.


IPC colegio Palacio de Granda


We researched widely known products that are imported and exported to different parts of the world: coffee, bananas, diamonds and chocolate beans. We were amazed to discover that Russia is the world´s top diamond producer or that China is the second highest banana-producing country in the world after India.


We loved getting our families involved by asking them to help us research what products are imported and exported by our home country: mainly olive oil, wine, fruit and vegetables and Asturian cider!


This week we´ve been researching the history of money, how money was first used and how people used to trade long before money was ever invented.


IPC colegio Palacio de Granda


We have been looking at the money used by old civilizations such as the Vikings, the Greeks and the Romans. It´s been amazing to discover that even though money and currencies have changed over the years, there is a remarkable similarity between their coins and the ones we use today!!


And we’ve had the opportunity to design and create our very own and personalised currencies.

 IPC colegio Palacio de Granda


Our project is so exciting that we can´t wait to see what next week is going to bring. We´re loving IPC! This is all for now. We´ll keep you posted.