IPC: “A day in the life”

22nd February 16

Colegio Palacio de Granda, Educación Infantil IPC


The 5 year olds are continuing to learn about working life in their current IPC project ‘A day in the life’. This week in class they have discovered what it’s like to work in the hospitality industry as they have spent the morning waiting on tables in their very authentic “restaurant”. They had some very demanding customers and the waiting staff found themselves rushed off their feet carrying dishes to and from the “kitchen”!

Colegio Palacio de Granda, Educación Infantil, IPC

It’s safe to say that they gained a little insight into how demanding a job in this industry can be although it must be said they worked very hard and for the most part adhered to the adage that the customer is always right!

Colegio Palacio de Granda. Proyecto IPC

Colegio Palacio de Granda. Educación Infantil. IPC