New Year Assembly

13th January 16

Colegio Palacio de Granda New Year Assembly

On 11th January we celebrated our New Year Assembly. The Principal, Anne Stevents, and the Deputy Principal, Gavin Bunker, talked to the students.

We take for granted the technology, machines and inventions that we use everyday to make our lives more comfortable and allow us to communicate with each other. For example: mobile phones, computers, clocks, cars, heating & electricity. What would life be like without these I wonder?

One very important ‘machine’ is a person. It can receive information; it can speak, see and smell. It can move in very many ways and in different directions, it has a brain (its own built in computer), it can understand and decode messages, and like no other machine it can think for itself. The brain has enabled people to invent, discover and produce ideas that have changed our lives.

New Year Assembly Colegio Palacio de Granda

Our value of the month is ‘Enquiry’. Being curious, asking questions, investigating, reading, finding out information, discussing, analysing and developing our knowledge and skills are all part of the process of enquiry. With enquiry we become successful learners and maybe successful inventors one day!

Francis Bacon stated ‘Knowledge is power’. Through enquiry we gain knowledge which will improve our potential and abilities in life, the power to understand, solve problems and make choices. Enquiry, therefore, is a fundamental key to success, not only in our studies but also our personal development.