What does it smell like?

2nd December 15

Educación Infantil Colegio Palacio de Granda

In the 3-year-old classes we ‘ve had an easy and motivating experience with the children. They had to recognize through smell different things such as chocolate, sausage, garlic, juice and vinegar.

Educación Infantil Colegio Palacio de Granda, Asturias

Before they started, we observed and smelt all the materials we had, so that the children got familiar with them. Antes de empezar, observamos y olimos cada uno de los materiales que teníamos, para que los niños se fueran familiarizando. Then we used a mask and… let’s play! On the one hand some did not like the idea of covering their eyes, but on the other hand they all had a great time.