A visit to El Gaitero Ciders

10th December 15

Colegio Palacio de Granda Sidra El Gaitero, Asturias

Some days ago 4º Primary students had the opportunity to visit the cider factory El Gaitero, in Villaciciosa. Before that our students had been learning in Cultura Asturiana about such a typical product of our region, and also about autumn as the season when they collect the apple to make cider.

Sidra el Gaitero colegio Palacio de Granda

The visit started in the old house that belongs to the owners of the factory, now it is a museum. There our students saw a projection about the factory origins from the second half of the 19th century to our days. After that they went on a guided tour through the facilities learning about the different machines at the exhibition, observing the process by which apples are selected, washed and pressed and visiting the famous cellars where cider is stored in house-sized barrels.
Sidra El Gaitero Palacio de Granda
During their visit they learnt about the different typical products that are manufactured at El Gaitero apart from cider, such us fabada or tripe. They also make not so Asturian products like turrones, polvorones, marzipan and sweet quince, most of them exported to other regions.
Sidra El Gaitero colegio Palacio de Granda
We finished trying fresh apple juice made there.
Then they went to Rodiles for lunch and had time for a walk on the beach.