FIMP Education

12th November 15

Fimp Education en Oviedo colegio Palacio de Granda

On 4th and 5th November FIMP Education was celebrated in Oviedo Auditorium. FIMP is a Congress that wants to approach education from all points of view. On the first day 3º ESO students enjoyed different talks adapted to their age, about relaxation, sport, the Internet and their influence in learning. Two of the students, Laura and Leyre have written a little text about their experience, you can see it here.

Miguel de Palacio de Granda en el FIMP Education

The agenda for the 5th November was focused on the professional side, people such as Álvaro Varona and Fernando Alberca talked about learning and its evolution. After that Miguel, 2º ESO student at Palacio de Granda, took part with a talk about the importance of listening to the student and giving them responsibility, and the great discovery that Drama and Robotics had been for him. He offer an honest and passionate vision, showing off his excelent public speaking skills. El Comercio included and article about him the next day, you can see it here.