RER (Red de escuelas por el reciclaje)

8th October 15

Palacio de Granda takes part once more in the COGERSA project Red de Escuelas por el Reciclaje. Nowadays we receive a lot of information about environmental disasters in the world.

It is necessary to approach environment protection seriously enough to be able to change the habits that caused damage to our planet in the past. From the first educational stages it is essential to educate children on the importance of the environment. To use their capacity to be surprised and to discover nature. 

That is why we participate in RER, Red de Escuelas por el Reciclaje, a space for training, environmental awareness and exchanging pedagogical experiences about the correct disposal of waste. The core of all the activities is the European culture of the three Rs: Reduction, Reutilization and Recycling.

On 30th September we went to the Auditorium for the opening session. This year the title is “Art and Composting”, and we will have a composter at school to transform biwowaste into compost.

Those schools which are more involved will get a distinction, as a quality mark, represented by an R. From the Science department we will propose some actions to get one of these distinctions. Will you help us?