Princess of Asturias Awards

23rd October 15

Leonardo Padura Princesa de Asturias con Palacio de Granda

Once more Palacio de Granda takes part in the Princess of Asturias Awards, inviting students to enjoy the cultural activites during these days.

At the request of the Princess of Asturias Foundation, 3º and 4º of ESO students continued the short story “Punto y seguido” which had been started by Leonardo Padura.The participants sent their stories to the foundation and they printed them, giving them back to our students Rocío and Sonsoles (Sixth Form) during a literary workshop on Wednesday in Avilés. signed by the writer.

Premios Princesa de Asturias Padura Palacio de Granda

On Thursday a group of students of 4º of ESO and Sixth form attended an encounter with Leonardo Padura where they had the opportunity to meet him and take a picture with him.

Premios Princesa de Asturias colegio Palacio de Granda

On the other hand a group of 15 students from 3º ESO worked in their free time in the project “Completando la Wikipedia” proposed by the Princess of Asturias Foundation. For this job Mariví, IT teacher, and Marisa, Secondary coordinator, helped and supported students to search for information for Wikipedia.

Wikipedia, Premios Princesa de Asturias Colegio Palacio de Granda

The results have been uploaded to the Internet and you can see them on the page Puerto de Vega, Rioseco and the pictures of the Way of Saint James which goes next to the school.

On Wednesday two students, Celia and Alfredo, took part in an activity in Gijón with the awarded while at the same time their classmates uploaded the contents to the web.

Jimmy Wales Palacio de Granda

On Thursday Iris, Alicia and Carlos attended in the Salón Europa of the Junta General a chat with Jimmy Wales, Lila Tretikov y Patricio Lorente, where they talked about Wikipedia and, answering a question by our students, admitted having visited Oviedo page in Wikipedia before their visit.

Lila Tretikov y Palacio de Granda

After the talk they could speak with the awarded and meet Lourdes Cardenal, a Wikipedia librarian who helped them solving their doubts.

Wikipedia y Palacio de Granda