Performing Arts in 4ºB

14th October 15

Our students love acting! 
As part of our weekly Performing Arts class in Year 4, the students in 4B were asked to use their imagination to create different objects using their bodies. To be able to carry out the activity successfully they had to use their communication skills and become aware of the importance of cooperation and coordination when working in a group. 
These are some of the objects and shapes they created. Can you guess what they are? Have fun! (See anwer key below)
colegio Palacio de Granda Performing arts
school performing arts elepahnt
colegio palacio de granda brain
colegio palacio de granda washing machine
colegio palacio de granda piano

Answer key: 1&2 Elephant, 3 Brain, 4 Washing machine, 5 Piano.