Cross country at the school

1st July 15

Last week Primary students at Palacio de Granda ran the cross country at the school. The race had different levels according to age. These are our winners.

1st of Primary Female

1st María, 2nd María, 3rd Erica

1st of Primary Male

1st Curro, 2nd David, 3rd Tomás

2nd of Primary Female

1st Zoe, 2nd Lys, 3rd Andrea

2nd of Primary Male

1st Manuel, 2nd Nacho, 3rd Antonio

3rd of Primary Female

1st Elena, 2nd Ángela, 3rd Inés

3rd of Primary Male

1st Gabriel, 2nd Mateo, 3rd Alberto

4th of Primary Female

1st Noemí, 2nd Claudia, 3rd Yiyi

4th of Primary Male

1st Rufino, 2nd Enol, 3rd Alejandro

5th of Primary Female

1st Lucía, 2nd Carmen y 3rd Eva

5th of Primary Male

1st Lucas, 2nd Román, 3rd Tomás

6th of Primary Female

1st Miranda, 2nd Inés, 3rd Marina

6th of Primary Male

1st Gonzalo, 2nd Alejandro, 3rd Martín

All the winners posing with their P.E. Teachers.