Science Week at Palacio de Granda

14th April 15


At Palacio de Granda we celebrate Science Week with a great variety of activities adapted to all year groups.

Wednesday 15th April

Talk: Coca-cola vs Pepsi given by Professor Ivan Hilliard from Universidad Europea.

At 12:00 for Upper Sixth Form students.

Science Fair

-Display of shells, minerals and fossils

-Physics experiments with recycled materials

-Chemistry experiments. Molecules


-Scientific experiments

-Homemade experiments

-Strawberry planting

Thursday 16th April

– 4º ESO students will analyse the quality of river Nora water.

-Workshop: Find out about your DNA

At 12:00 for 4º ESO and Sixth Form students. Given by Professor Alicia Romero Lorca from Universidad Europea.

Maths department will do different activities adapted to all Primary year groups.

Four Secondary students will take part in the Regional Maths Olympiad.

Seven Sixth Form students have participated in “Los sábados de las Matemáticas y la Física”, organised by the University of Oviedo.

On Wednesday 15th April we’ll have our OPEN DAY from 10:00 to 13:30