How did women live in the past?

17th April 15


Some weeks ago Margarita González Ardisana, grandmother of our student Mateo (6ºB) came to school to talk about her life and her experiences, as part of the project that our students are working on about the life of women in the past.

It was really enjoyable and Doña Margarita kindly answered all the questions our students had prepared for her.

When asking them what was the most interesting and surpising, and if they would have liked living in that period, these are some of their impressions.

“I liked Margarita’s talk because it was very entertaining and she said some very interesting things”- Jian Shen

“I was surprised that her dad liked Margarita doing the same things boys did.” Blanca

“It’s amazing that her elder sister made her dolls”- Natalia, Jia Shen

“They went to school on Saturday and finished school at 11 years-old!!”- Martín, Álvaro, Natalia, Diego, Jia Shen


“She walked 1 kilometre to school!!”-  David, Jia Shen

“They went to school on Saturdays”- David, Alvaro, Álvaro.

“I was surprised that you could buy ten sweets with a peseta (6 cents)”- Diego

“In the past they had lots of siblings”- Martín, Diego, Álvaro.

“I was impressed that she didn’t have a T.V. or a washing machine”- Mateo, Artemisa, Natalia, Martín

“I liked when she told us that even though her family was well off, she didn’t take advantage of that and she fought for her ideas”- Mar

“I find surprising that men and women didn’t have the same salary. And if you were a woman from Asturias you couldn’t work farther than 100 km away from your home”- Diego, Natalia

“Margarita was very pleasant and amusing. We loved her talk!” Álvaro, Álvaro.