Spelling Bee 2015

9th March 15


Nerves, excitement……….Will it be me ?? Will it be you ???

How do you spell…………?? Ask me again, please

Yes, last Thursday Palacio de Granda was BUZZING !!!!! It was time once again for the school SPELLING BEE competition.

Last week , as the big day approached , children could be heard spelling words throughout Primary. Words as simple as C-A-T cat or as difficult as A-L-L-E-G-I-A-N-C-E allegiance.


However, when the moment arrived for the children to file into the hall, you could hear a pin drop. The contestants were deep in concentration and their classmates were silently willing them on. After each word the silence was broken by cheering and clapping , whether the contestant continued in the competition or not. As we all know, to get to the school final was no mean feat and everybody deserved a round of applause.

After three thrilling competitions , which had both children and teachers on the edge of their seats, three winners to represent Palacio de Granda in Madrid were ……

Mamitu, Carolina (for the second year running) and Paula!!!!

Good luck girls !!!


Carolina, Mariana and Gabriel, Year 3 and 4.


Mamitu, Patricia and Carolina, Year 2.


Paula, Nicolás and Carmen, Year 6