Students take part in FIMP Game Edition

8th December 14

FIMP Game Edition


It may come as a surprise that Asturias is one of the cutting-edge regions in Spain regarding video games industry. The FIMP Game Edition, held last week in Oviedo, had the aim of showing off the latest innovations in the area. The event included a video game tournament on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th.

Laude Palacio de Granda competed in two categories with eleven students taking part in:

  • Gran Turismo 6: Miguel Menéndez (1º ESO), Jesús Barreda and Alfredo Eiro (2º ESO), Pablo Martínez (3º ESO).
  • FIFA 15: Pablo Gabán and Diego Miranda (2º ESO), Víctor Redondo, Miguel de la Torre and  Miguel Trincado (3º ESO), David Fernández and Asier Vía (4º ESO).

 All students all did really well, most of them classified for the second round and Asier Vía played one of the semifinals. Our Gamers were supported by a group of students of the school and some teachers. The perfect ending for a week full of exams.