Coding hour at Palacio de Granda

12th December 14

Coding hour at Palacio de Granda


Code hour is a global movement followed by millions of students around the world. It consists of a one hour-introduction to computer science designed to show that anybody can learn the basics.

Nowadays, coding is becoming an essential skill that helps students to apply mathematical and logic skills. Children who code see the impact of their work immediately, as they are using code to create. Besides it opens up a world of opportunities for them in the future.

At Laude Palacio de Granda we have joined the movement and all of our students are delighted. From 4 to 17 they all do their activities, designed specifically for their age, and after that a certificate is awarded to all participants.

Mariví Villares, I.T. teacher, and our students Carmen and Asier were invited to the TPA programme “Directos al Mediodía” to talk about the event. You can see them in this link.